Excited to announce that we’ve invited

Excited to announce that we’ve invited Donna Cole to join her husband, Tom Cole, as a speaker to our upcoming June conference, Hope Rising. After watching this, how could I not? http://www.hopeforwholeness.org

Under Pressure

Video: Part 2 of us sharing our devotional time. What do we do, where do we go when life seems too hard, when we’ve just had a fall? http://hopeforwholeness.org/mckrae-games-blog/under-pressure/

Don’t miss out on the upcoming conference! www.hopeforwholeness.org

Hope through Discouragement

Eight weeks out from Hope Rising. This morning we share a vulnerable time with our staff devotional, sharing and prayer time.


Hope Rising Promo

Video Promo: A DYNAMIC experience is coming June 5-8 that you do NOT want to miss!


Hurting Families and Gay Marriage

Video: We’re concerned for hurting families and counsel them on how to deal with relationships with their gay children, and their own pain they’re going through. We’ll be having a special focus on families at our upcoming conference Hope Rising. Today I share about a request for guidance on an invitation to a gay wedding.


Dealing with Discouragement?

Video: I hope this message encourages you as much as it did me in sharing it. We all get down and get our focus off of God from time to time.


Clear and Present Danger

Let this be a clear warning to us all. Whom shall we serve? Ourselves or The Lord. I believe Matthew 7:21 speaks of these who profess to be believers. There is great power in the community of the church. Vulnerability and submission to others authority and inviting truth to be spoken into our lives is crucial to our staying or getting back on the path to purity/right living. Indulgences are enjoyable for a brief period but always lead us away from fellowship with The Lord. He hasn’t left but we have grown distant to His sweet spirit. Vulnerability to friends and the conviction of the truth will lead us back.

Be sure to read this devotional from our website by Loy Loften. http://hopeforwholeness.org/daily-devotions/our-wandering-minds/

There Will Always Be Someone Better

Video:  From the slopes.  An encouragement to get out there and experience life.

To view: http://hopeforwholeness.org/mckrae-games-blog/there-will-always-be-someone-better/

Sin Doesn’t Pay But You Will

Tempted to act out? Remember that Jesus IS there!! If you are a born again believer, then Jesus IS there. He’s WHEREVER you are or go. You are grafted into the vine!! You CANNOT walk away from Him. You might FEEL you have but its ONLY a FEELING. The reality is that He IS THERE. Avoid Him and feel guilty about it afterwards OR acknowledge Him and talk to Him. This WILL satisfy. Sin will for a very short time but you will pay for it afterwards. Sin does NOT PAY, but you WILL. 1 Cor. 6:12-20
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Getting Away Sometimes is a Need

Video 6:11. Today I share from behind the wheel.  Don’t worry, kept my focus on the road. Me taking the wrong turn and getting lost on this road (which I found out after this video was over) was the GPS’s fault. Was rather humorous. Sometimes we just NEED to take a day off. Today and in the next two blogs, I share that day with you.   Click to watch: http://hopeforwholeness.org/mckrae-games-blog/getting-away-sometimes-is-a-need/


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