That First Conference Changed My Life!

HFW Conference – That first conference changed my life!

June 3/4-7

HFW Conference – Not Wanting to Live a Scorched Earth Life

HFW Conference – Not Wanting to Live a Scorched Earth Life

June 3/4-7

Excuses–We ALL make them!

Be encouraged by this short video. Priorities, Fears, Excuses.

Getting Back Up

Give me just 7 minutes and together we can encourage and refocus ourselves on our journey forward.

Hope Rising 2015 is 12 Weeks Out!

Hope Rising–Masterpiece in Process–is 12 weeks out!

Watch this 3 minute video and get ready! Plan now to attend! We’re still finalizing speakers. Please share and spread the word!

Conference details: 

Why I Fight The Fight

McKrae Game:

Love my brother and friend Ethan’s vulnerability and commitment to the Lord!

Originally posted on revelationministry1211:

I sat there sitting on a rock staring out across a small valley to the Old City in Jerusalem, silently weeping. My Pastor came up to me, put his hand on my shoulder, and said “I would love to know the thoughts going through your head.” I couldn’t speak. My emotions rolled over me like a tidal wave enveloping the beach. How could he possibly know what I have gone through? How could he even remotely understand what I have given up to follow Christ? How could he know the sudden despairing sadness I felt at the loss of everything I had dreamed of? How could he grasp the magnitude of the sacrifice I was making on behalf of my beliefs? My Pastor couldn’t. But He could. And He does. I was sitting in the Garden of Gethsemane, the place where Christ questioned God’s plan for His life, wrestled, was tormented…

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19 Years and Counting

Today I talk about my and my wife’s date, 19th anniversary, and marriage. Hope you’ll watch and share.

Let’s Not Run From Our Past

Today I share about a fall, in my past, that led to me changing churches 20 years ago.


Its not too late to make a difference in people’s lives and help on your 2014 income tax return.

The Fear of Man

Today I talk about a struggle we ALL have but we ALL need to get over. I challenge you to watch and share. Hope you will.


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